Housing FAQs

1. What is a "Built-In Housing"?

This type of housing does not require the use of any tape when pouring your mold. The solid blank would be attached to a base and surrounded by walls that would help contain your silicone.

2. What is a "Wall Only Housing"?

This type of housing requires the use of tape to secure your housing and blanks prior to pouring your mold. 

3. I placed a multi blank order but only purchased housings for some of them, how do I let you know which ones get the housings?

No problem! Please use the note section in the cart prior to check out to let us know which blanks get the housings. If we have any questions we will reach out to you via the email address provided on your order.

4. What size do I choose for my housing add-on?

If you're purchasing a housing meant for a specific NAC, LLC blank you don't need to worry about the dimensions of the housing. Simply find the size of the blank the housing is meant for in the drop down menu of the listing and you're all set.

So if you're purchasing a housing for a 3" blank you'd select 3" from the drop down menu and the housing will be made to perfectly surround that particular blank.

5. Can you make a housing for multiple blanks?

Yes! Just place your order for blanks as you normally would then reach out to us via email to request a custom housing. We'll need your order number, preferred email address for invoicing and the list of blanks the housing should be made to surround. If you want the blanks laid out in a particular way please include that information as well.

6. What does "layers attached" mean?

If you answer "yes" to have layers attached this means any and all acrylic layers in the housing will arrive glued together. 

If you answer "no" then you will receive all the necessary pieces for your housings but they will not be glued together. You will have to layer and glue the pieces yourself.

7. I'd love to have my business name etched into a built-in housing, is that possible?

Yes! If you'd like this service please email us after placing your order and be sure to include your order number and business name. We'll need to know if you are providing a file of your business name or if you need us to create something for you. If you'd like to provide your own file please make sure it is a high resolution and high contrast (black and white works best) image file or an svg, this makes conversion very simple for us. If you need us to create the file let us know if you have a font style preference and we'll do our best to make it happen.

This service has an additional cost of $5-15 per housing. An invoice will be sent via PayPal so please let us know if we need to send that to an email address other than the one provided on your website order.

8. I want to buy housings for blanks I've already purchased on a previous order, how do I do that?

Place your order as you normally would and be sure to include the blank name that the housing is for in the order notes. *Please use the listing titles as this makes things much easier for us. Thank you!*

9. I'm purchasing a listing that has more than one blank, do I order a housing for them using the "Solid Blank Housing Add-on" listing?

No, please message us directly to order housings for listings that contain more than one blank.

Don't see your question here? Reach out to us via email @ NikitaAshleyCustoms@gmail.com or one of our social media pages: Facebook or Instagram