1. When are you open?

Our business days and hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. Please note we are located in the eastern time zone. We do our best to get back to client comments, messages and emails as quickly as possible but if they are sent outside of business days or hours they will be addressed the next business day.

2. Where are you located?

Nikita Ashley Customs, LLC is currently located in Wesley Chapel, FL.

3. How can I contact you?

You can always email us at NikitaAshleyCustoms@gmail.com. You can also reach out via Instagram and Facebook @NikitaAshleyCustoms.

4. I chose the wrong option when placing my order, can you change it and refund/charge me for the price difference?

Changes made to an order that result in any type of price change will incur a $5 change fee.

5. Can I cancel an unfulfilled order?

Yes. A $10 cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund for a cancelled order.

*If production of a custom order has been started that order cannot be cancelled.

6. What is this brown/white stuff on my acrylic blank?

That brown/white stuff is a protective paper that should be removed prior to using your acrylic blanks to create a silicone mold. We always ship acrylic blanks with as much of the protective paper left on them as possible, as this helps prevent scratching during transit.

7. How do I remove the protective paper from my acrylic blanks?

The best way to remove the protective paper is to use duct tape. Just cut a piece, rub it onto your blank and pull it away, you may have to try multiple times depending on the tape you use. You can always use a finger nail to gently peel up a corner of the paper and then pull it away from the blank. No matter what method you use it is important to remember that acrylic scratches easily and should always be handled with care.

8. Can I use your molds to create my own blanks?

No, we do not allow any remolding of our silicone molds. This means you shouldn't be using our molds to create blanks for yourself or to sell to others. If you sell unfinished pieces made with our molds we ask that you state they should not be used for mold making.

9. Do you create custom silicone molds, acrylic blanks and resin pieces?

Yes, we love making custom creations for our clients! If you need a custom item made, whether it is a mold, blank or finished resin piece please reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook or e-mail.

10. What type of file should I send over for a custom order?

Most clients provide an SVG file, however, a high resolution, high contrast (black and white) image file can work just as well.

11. What unit of measurement is used for your blank sizes?

All sizes are listed in inches. Please convert sizes to your preferred unit of measurement prior to ordering to ensure the blanks will be sized to your liking.

12. Is 1/8" acrylic thicker than 1/4" acrylic?

No, 1/4" is considered our "thick" acrylic while 1/8" is our "thin" acrylic. Please make sure to use a measuring device to determine which thickness will work best for your project. It is also important to note that the acrylic may not measure exactly 1/8" or 1/4" in thickness, please allow ± 15% for a thickness tolerance.

13. Do the measurements for blanks determine the height or width of the blanks?

When you choose the measurement for your acrylic blank you are choosing the length of the longest side. Which side will vary from blank to blank but is typically pretty obvious based on the listing photo. If you have questions please be sure to ask prior to placing your order.

14. Shaker blanks have options for "back attached" and "back unattached," what does this mean?

When you choose to have the "back attached" for a shaker blank that means the shaker will arrive to you completely glued together and ready for molding. If you ordered shaker blanks from us prior to this change (option changed 8/19/2020) then what you received was a shaker blank with the backing attached.

If you choose the "back unattached" option that means the shaker blank will require gluing prior to use if you want to create a backed shaker mold.

15. There used to be an option for "unbacked" shaker blanks, what happened to it?

Effective 8/19/2020 the option for "unbacked" shaker blanks was removed and replaced with the "back unattached" option. You can still order unbacked shaker blanks but you will need to message us via social media or email.

Please do not order shakers via the website if you plan to have them made as unbacked shaker blanks. 

16. I have two discount codes but only one is being applied?

Discount codes cannot be stacked - only one code can be applied per order.

We will not make adjustments to discount codes, so be sure you are redeeming your stars in a way that works best for you.

Don't see your question here? Reach out to us via email @ NikitaAshleyCustoms@gmail.com or one of our social media pages: Facebook or Instagram