Custom Blank Orders

Custom Acrylic Blanks

Stop! Do you have a ready to cut SVG file? If yes, use our custom blank listings on the website to place your order.

If you would like to place an order for custom acrylic blanks please reach out to us via Instagram, Facebook or email with the following information:

  • Are you providing the file or do you need us to design your custom blanks? SVGs and high resolution, high contrast (black and white) images work well.
  • If we design the file do you want exclusive use of the blanks produced from that file? If yes, please note an exclusive use fee of $20 per design will be applied.
  • What style will the blank be, solid or a shaker? If the blank will be a shaker we need to know if you'd like it backed or unbacked.
  • Does the blank require any etched detail?
  • What size would you like the blank? This is incredibly important since blank pricing is based on size.
  • How many blanks of each design would you like?

Custom acrylic blank pricing is based on the size of the blank, you can see the different listings for blanks on our website to get an idea of what base pricing will be for your custom order. When you email over all the details for your custom blank request a quote will be done to provide accurate pricing information. Once a quote is approved an invoice will be sent and when payment is received a mock-up of the blanks will be created for your approval prior to cutting.

Additional fees for custom blanks:

  • Custom Fee - starts at $20 per order. This fee may be waived for non-exclusive designs.
  • Labor Fee - applied to all custom orders and starts at $5. Fee may increase based on the amount of labor required to prep client provided files for cutting.
  • Exclusive Use Fee - $30 per design. Exclusive use fee is only applied to custom blank designs that we have to create. This fee does not apply to client provided design files. We never sell client provided design files.


  • Nikita Ashley Customs, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • We do not refund for or accept returns of any custom orders.
  • Clients who choose not to reply back after receiving their quote will be ineligible for custom orders.
  • Clients who request quotes and do not place an order twice will be ineligible for custom orders.