Straw Topper FAQs

1. What is a straw topper add-on?

The straw topper add-on listing enables you to have any of our solid blanks (any single layer blank) turned into a straw topper.

2. What thickness do I select for my base blank?

You should purchase your solid base blanks in the 1/8" thickness. 

If for any reason you prefer that the front and back pieces be cut from the 1/4" thick acrylic please reach out to us directly as there is a small price difference.

3. What style will the straw topper be?

The straw topper blank will arrive in 4 pieces - 2 pieces for the front & back (1/8" thickness for both) and 2 center pieces that create the gap necessary for a straw.

If you prefer that the pieces arrive completely glued together so you can create a 3D mold please reach out to us directly prior to placing your order.

4. What size straw will these fit?

I used a standard size straw when creating my straw topper file - as seen in the listing photos. The exact straw is from the brand Ozark Trails (transparent blue straw).

If you need the toppers to fit a larger straw please reach out to us directly prior to placing your order.

**Effective 11/9/21 all straw toppers including our straw topper adapter will fit the reusable straws from that very famous coffee shop.**

5. What type of fit will the topper have on the straw? 

The toppers as designed will provide a loose fit.

6. I'm ordering several solid blanks but only want a few made into toppers - how can I let you know?

Put your cart together as you normally would and be sure to add the appropriate number of "straw topper add-on" listings to your cart, as well as, leave a note on the order. The note box is located in the cart prior to checking out.

Example: 10 solid blanks in your cart and only want 5 of them made into straw toppers.

Process: Add 5 of the "straw topper add-on" listings to your cart and leave a note letting us know which listings should be made into toppers.

If you ever have any questions you can reach out to us via social media or email.

7. I want to turn a blank into a straw topper but without 4 pieces - can you help?

Yes! We have a straw topper adapter blank that can be used to create a single sided straw topper.

8. Can I order a housing for my straw topper blanks?

Absolutely, at this time we are asking that you message us directly to order a housing for any straw topper blanks.


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